Gain productivity

Wimi was founded in 2010 by Antoine Duboscq (22 years of experience in financial and strategical management) and Lionel Roux (15 years of experience in consulting management and technological engineering) following an observation : modern tools significantly improved individual productivity, but a great loss of time and energy remains when it comes to teamwork.

An innovative solution

Wimi is a digital productivity solution integrating a range of essential services for teamwork: document sharing and Drive, task management, chat & channels, calendars, videoconferences… Gathered in dedicated unified workspaces. The company has 3 big ambitions which materialize in Wimi: • Increase teamwork productivity -> Time savings on documents and operational information access -> Decrease of inefficiencies -> Access in mobility -> Activities’ reporting and management • Accelerate high priority projects -> Projects performed in “agile” mode -> Instantaneous access to projects’ information -> Dynamic task distribution, comments -> Reporting and notifications • Animate, communicate and motivate teams -> Simplicity, conviviality -> Video and audioconferences integrated tools -> Screen sharing, chat, call -> Sharing and team communication spaces Wimi is consistent with a real wish of centralizing and make project workspaces more accessible in order to contribute to the improvement of the collective productivity. Today, Wimi is one of the rarest company in the world owning a documents synchronization technology (Drive) along with a full range of other teamwork services. Wimi is the European leader in the worldwide ranking GetApp (Gartner Group).

Business model, markets and development

In 2015, the global market for company apps was at 7.1bn $ in terms of sales. The market for company collaboration software is estimated at 70M $ for 2019. The company’s economic model is based on subscriptions. Prices range from 5 to 12 € per month per user. 38,000 organizations and 115,000 users already created a Wimi account since the launch of the beta version in 2013. The monetization was launched in 2013 and encountered success, with a focus on the SMEs segment: consulting companies, advertising agencies, industrial SMEs, architects, accountants… In 2016, thanks to the new version, Wimi V5, the company started to attract key large enterprises like Total, AT&T and Intel as well as governmental entities. Today, Wimi is offering a worldwide solution (the company has offices in Paris and San Francisco). The multi-language ability of the product enables a global coverage.

The team

Antoine Duboscq

Cofounder and Chairman

Lionel Roux

Founder & CEO



Animation and mngmt of organisational projects


Animation and management of marketing projects


R&D international projects animation

Corporate presentation

Financed project