First great success of the pre-ipo platform

The selection of the SPOTIFY file by our Invest Securities selection  committee allowed PRE-IPO investors to acquire shares of the company for  a value of only $ 58.75 in March 2017.
On April 3, 2018, SPOTIFY  went public. This makes it the seventh Internet company, in terms of  valuation, to become public in the United States since the beginning of  the Internet.
The SPOTIFY Reference Price on the day of the IPO was $  132 per share. Our sale price was $ 137.76, a return of 135% in one  year for our investors.

Great prospects for our platform

The return of the attractiveness of young French companies combined with our very demanding selection criterias makes us confident that many of the companies selected by PRE-IPO will follow the way of SPOTIFY !!!

We would be delighted to involve you in the selection of PRE-IPO files. 

if you want to give us your opinion on the companies you would like to see on the plateform, please answer this short questionary by clincking on this link.

very beautiful files recently introduced

- Dropbox is an American platform for online storage and document sharing. The company is located in San Francisco, California.

Pre-IPO price: $ 14

IPO Price: $ 21

Current price: $ 30.54 (06/04/18)

-  Zscaler, specialist in Internet Security. The company offers  next-generation firewall, antivirus, granular control of user activity  in cloud, mobile and Internet of Things environments.

Pre-IPO price: $ 8.50

IPO price: $ 16

Current price: $ 28.53 (06/04/18)

And others still very much awaited

- Airbnb : The Airnbnb IPO is one of the most  anticipated of the moment ! But following some internal disagreements  about the future of the company, the platform of private apartment  rental said a few months ago not to proceed an IPO in 2018. However, its  IPO is expected in the near future. Airbnb, valued at around 30 billion  dollars, is part of what are called "unicorns", these large not listed  start-ups whose value exceeds one billion dollars.

- Uber : Since  the end of 2017, the management of the car-driver booking platform has  been planning an IPO for 2019. Uber justifies having all the  disadvantages of a listed company, such as being in the spotlight for  the news, but without enjoy the benefits of the stock market. No major  conflict of interest is currently impeding this future introduction.  Uber's valuation has recently risen from $ 68 billion to $ 48 billion  following the acquisition of a 15% stake of the Japanese-based Softbank,  based on this capitalization.

- Hyperloop :  Hyperloop consists of a double elevated tube in which moving capsules  of travelers and / or goods move. The inside of the tube is under low  pressure to limit the frictions of the air and everything is raised and  powered by magnetic fields at a speed of 1100 km / h ! This colossal  project orchestrated by Elon Musk is still far from seeing the light at  the end of the tunnel. However this revolutionary way of transport  attracts a lot investors, and an IPO remains very likely in the medium  term.

Financed project