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Founded in 2012, Lavoir Moderne offers an economical and quality solution for home dry cleaning. The company takes care of all the household linen, taken at home and brought back in 48 hours washed, ironed and folded. It can be delivered on demand in a maximum of 30 minutes. The co-founders of the start-up have rethought the dry cleaning process by favouring water-based washing and biodegradable detergents. The laundry is collected and delivered by "laundry men" travelling on 100% electric scooters.

Today, the company has integrated the entire laundry processing chain, from cleaning to drying, ironing and delivery. To ensure this level of service while keeping costs and prices low, Lavoir Moderne uses robotics, artificial intelligence and advanced traceability technologies. Since this year, the company has been operating throughout the capital. The company targets large provincial conurbations by 2019.

This opportunity allows you to invest with professional investors who have positioned themselves for an amount of 1.8 million euros.

Lavoir Moderne processes 100 shirts per hour per operator, which makes it possible to obtain very competitive prices compared to the market: 1.5 euros per shirt, which is lower than the market prices, ranging between 3 and 4 euros per shirt.


In 2018, Lavoir Moderne completed a €3 million round of financing with Industry Capital, Centuria Capital, Denis Duverne (Axa) and Axel Plasse (Renault-Nissan).

In 2015, Lavoir moderne launched UPAR 1 (Ranger Loan Unit), its first production plant, generating a turnover of 200,000 euros by focusing on a pilot phase in the 15th arrondissement and having developed its industrial process and front office in recent years. In 2018, the company generated a turnover of 1.2 million euros.

Lavoir Moderne also has a strong position in intellectual property, as the company has filed several patents on qualitative and ecological industrial cleaning technologies. The fundraising already carried out has made it possible to optimise economic performance with an organised industrial organisation.

The company is currently raising €5 million in funding, including €1.8 million already secured.


The European dry cleaning market represents 11 billion euros. There are two players in this market:

1. Traditional dry cleaners that are quite expensive and require the consumer to travel.

2. Home dry cleaning services that collect laundry at the consumer's home and return it within a specified time.

Home dry cleaning services are now a real alternative to traditional dry cleaning, as they represent a practical means for consumers because they no longer have to travel. There are a few players on this market, including Zipjet or 5asec.

However, the current players are structurally unable to propose the prices, production control and express delivery of the Modern Washhouse. Indeed, they do not have complete control over their value chains and have not internalized their industrial facilities.


1. The team is structured, operational and strengthened by the synergy of experiences and the quality of skills.

2. Le Lavoir Moderne is positioned as the only player capable of providing a quality home dry cleaning service by controlling the entire value chain.

3. Prices that are below the competition.

4. Lavoir Moderne has the ambition to develop internationally.

5. The depth of the market: Lavoir Moderne is evolving on an international market in need of    solutions and answers.

6. The global demand for dry cleaning solutions reaches 11 billion euros in Europe, the market for dry cleaning and daily laundry reaches 40 billion euros in Europe.

The team

Alphadio Olory-Togbe

Pierre-Henry Canonne



Yac Japan

Université Paris-Saclay


Lavoir Moderne

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