HIV: a mortal disease that became chronic

More than 35 years ago, first cases of HIV infections were reported. Dramatically mediatized, AIDS has been the object of huge research efforts from scientific, medical and pharmaceutical communities, and since 1995 first tri therapy cures were available. Tritherapies have permitted to considerably diminish the virus effects, and have transformed it into a chronic disease. However, the treatment is restraining and several long term complications can occur.

VAC-3S attacks the viral reserve

InnaVirVax was created in 2008, by a team of 5 co-founders with complementary profiles who were lead by Professor Patrice Debré. The company has developed a therapeutic vaccine aiming to offer a “pause” in the use of antiretroviral drugs (or remission), and the team has noted that VAC-3S attacked the viral reserve during the first clinical study. This major result consolidated its development in a remission perspective. IIa phase is almost finished, and phase II studies aim to confirm that the VAC-3S vaccine, by attacking the viral sanctuary, offers a functional cure or remission.

InnaVirVax, leading the remission market

Thanks to proven results in clinical study of phase I/IIa, InnaVirVax has a leading position in the functional cure for HIV patients market. In order to consolidate these very promising clinical results, InnaVirVax is conducting a fund raising campaign therewith to finish the two ongoing clinical studies (phase I/IIa pursuing a previous study, and a phase IIa study) and to prepare further studies to come.
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