impak Finance Inc. is a company founded by entrepreneurs and finance professionals who want to make a positive contribution and solve some of the major social and environmental problems of our time. The Company's mission is to use capital to produce a positive social and environmental impact through the use of a financial services ecosystem fueled by disruptive financial technologies.

impak Finance connects entrepreneurs, consumers and investors who want to transform and improve the world.


impak Finance has created impak, a payment app associated with à marketplace (www.impak.eco) that faciliates and rewards responsible consumption with impact companies. Normal and professional buyers will find qualified impact companies, capable of providing goods and services that they need, and sharing their common values. In addition, with each purchase, buyers will be rewarded with impak Coin that they can use in the ecosystem.

Participating companies will obtain discounted transactions fees, an additional showcase with a motivated customer base, a loyalty program they will not have to pay, rewards on their own purchases in the ecosystem. and a precise account of their real impact.


The platform is designed to simplify the processes of participation, purchase or investment in impact economy for:

1. Citizens, who have access to a search engine that allows everyone to find solutions that match them.

- Acess to qualified impact companies. 

- Be involved in the project as a team leader or a volunteer...

- Track impact companies

- Buy responsible with confidence

- Use and be rewarded with impak Coin

2. Companies that will have access to an "impact" supplier network, thereby facilitating the execution and traceability of their responsible purchasing program.

- Visibility to citizens and investors who share the same values

- Credibility thanks to rigorous selection criteria and their impak Profile

- Access to capital in the form of sales or investments

- Mentoring community support, business network, suppliers, service and knowledge exchange ...

3. Impact investors, will have access to impact investing opportunities. 

- Cutomized investment portfolio

- Standardised and prequalified dealflow

- Indentify qualified impact companies 

- Follow trends and be alerted of new investment opportunities

- Identify new co-investment opportunities

- Follow the "impact" evolution of companies 


To make purchases, the user is able to use, in addition to traditional currencies, a cryptocurrency, named impak coin (MPK). To push customers to support impact economy and to use this cryptocurrency, a reward system has been created. 

At each new transaction, a percentage of the expenses will be paid to consumers in the form of new cryptocurrency.
"This is the first cryptocurrency to be issued in accordance with securities laws in Canada", has confirmed Sylvain Théberge, the Canadian financial market authority spokesman, to the Journal. 


A huge project in a growing market : the company wants the impak coin to become a currency leader in the sustainable environment, which will bridge the gap between different impact economy communities around the world. The impact economy is a growing market, which can be valued between 400 et 1000 billion US dollars in 2020, according to the world economic forum.
A reference tool: The "impak" accredited companies, whose number is expected to grow over time, will be selected by a committee set up by Impak Finance. It aims to develop a consistent and recognized selection tool to measure the level of impact of these companies in order to help investors make an informed decision. It would therefore position itself as the reference intermediary in the business search of this sector.


- Impact investment went from 15 billion USD two years ago, to 77 billion USD in 2018. 

- More than 10 000 subscribers on ImpakEco. The Start-up targets to have more than 100 000 subscribers during the launch of the e-wallet in 2019

- First ICO in the world carried out with the explicit consent of a securities regulator. Fundraising of 1.5m CAD from 2,300 participants. The company also raised $ 1.4m with Business Angels form Quebec and France.

- With the European ICO expected at the end of 2018, impak Finance aims to raise 3M€. The fundraising will help impak to develop the marketplace in Europe and to build an European Office. 

Invest in this ICO

Invest in this ICO and rethink the money to repair the economy and the planet!

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