10 years of global warming have favored the invasion of the tiger mosquito in Europe. Arrived in France in 2004, the tiger mosquito is now present in some thirty departments and is expected to colonize the whole of the Hexagon by 2030. Carrier of vector sick, it also constitutes a real hell for outdoor leisure .

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Unable to find appropriate solution on the French market to fight tiger mosquito, Dominique Hauptmann launched HBM Distribution SAS in 2011 through a simple model: to identify the most efficient products worldwide, to negotiate exclusive import rights in France and to position them on the market in an innovative way.

For the general public, HBM products are distributed via the best sales channels: garden centers - Jardiland, Truffaut, VillaVerde, i.e -, supermarkets, pharmacies, e-commerce - Amazon, Priceminister, The market for insecticides in mass distribution is estimated at over € 150 million in France.

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HBM does not just market. Indeed, the company launched an R & D program that issued in 2013 BioBelt Anti-Mosquito. BioBelt acts as a network of interconnected traps. These emit CO2 and odors close to body secretions, attracting mosquitoes and capturing them with fans. A control room regulates the remote traps and electrically powers the fans. BioBelt is able to protect areas up to thousands of square meters. The exceptional discretion of the installation, its total absence of risks for users, its respect for the ecosystem of the property make it a solution acclaimed by both individuals and professionals. Beautiful properties, luxury hotels and restaurants, community amenities as shopping centers can all benefit. HBM has already deployed this belt for more than 100 installations, in France and abroad.

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