In short

DOSIsoft is a scientific software editor for radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. Unique in Europe, the company has a substantial patrimony of 15 years of investment, developing software for assistance in diagnosis and targeted treatment for cancer. Its goal is to help physicians to improve the quality and effectiveness of therapies, to become a leader in scientific software for radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

The DOSIsoft solution

Beyond fundamental research, the development of innovative tools to understand why certain treatments are ineffective and to create new possibilities is the core of DOSIsoft's current priorities.

DOSIsoft offers a range of independent, universal and complementary software tools at the crossroads of radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, which cover:

-    Assistance in diagnosis via medical imaging.

-    The calculation of the doses of treatment (dosimetry) and the planning of the therapies.

-    Management of quality assurance in external and internal radiotherapy.

In summary, DOSIsoft’s software allows doctors to process medical images, accurately dose treatments and verify the effectiveness of therapies.


2 sources of revenue:

-    20% in services (installation, setup).

-    80% in sales of software licenses.

The company gets 25% of recurrent annual revenue from software maintenance.

In 2017, 60% of the turnover is achieved in France and 40% in the rest of Europe. In 2021 it is planned a reversal of this trend with a projection of turnover to 20% in France and 80% abroad (mainly in the United States).


Dosisoft has over 160 customers in 18 countries, as well as a network of 25 partners 'first in class', and this in a fast growing market. Most of the 34 employees are engineers or have a PHD in computer science or nuclear and medical physics.

The addressable market based on about 15 000 oncology centers in the world, is estimated at 1 billion euros. The potential for turnover of DOSIsoft is valued at more than 40 million of Euros.

FDA-approved software


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