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PRE-IPO is the first crowdfunding platform specializing in pre-IPO operations. Operated by Invest Securities, Europe's leading introducer and with more than 10 years of experience in pre-IPO operations, our platform allows you to raise funds and prepare your IPO while communicating on your company and these two Financial operations.

Operated by Invest Securities, Europe's leading introducer 

Invest Securities is an investment services provider authorized and supervised by l’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR), registered in the register of financial agents (REGAFI) under number 13773.

Invest Securities has a very important network of professional investors thanks to its ten years of experience in the Parisian market.

Invest Securities is the leading European introducer in volume with 34 introductions on Alternext and 24 on Euronext.

Invest Securities also has extensive experience in pre-IPO operations. The last operations that can be cited are the following:

  • May 2015 : Biophytis 1.500.000 €
  • January 2015 : OSE Pharma 3.500.000 €
  • December 2013 : Innoveox 500.000 €


The PRE-IPO platform has the status of PSI (Investment Services Provider) and more specifically the unsecured investment approval, enabling it to raise funds in excess of € 1m as well as raise funds without limits Geographical areas within Europe.

Today very few pre-IPO funds called "cross-over" are able and want to invest in a company before its IPO. PRE-IPO is therefore a real solution of this type of financing by federating the various traditional financing actors and individuals.

In addition, making the final round of the IPO before the IPO can be seen as a first opening to the public and a first feeling about the future success of an IPO, the "crowdwisdom" phenomenon. In addition, the issuing company will carry out a communication campaign around this fund raising to increase the visibility of its products / services and its future IPO.

Finally, an IPO is prepared in 6 to 12 months. The pre-IPO round allows the company to prepare for this IPO under the best conditions and to have the financial resources to wait for the best market conditions to enter.

Invest Securities will then be able to assist you in the IPO procedures.


For PRE-IPO the main selection criteria is the company's eligibility for short-term IPOs. Nevertheless, the quality of the business model, the management team and the tangible and intangible assets are fundamental elements in the selection of files.

PRE-IPO selects innovative growth companies from all sectors and with strong intellectual property, whether technological or medical.

In general, we look at the following criteria in our business selection process:

  • Proof of concept in commercial, medical or technical terms
  • Consistency of the business model, with significant market potential
  • Quality and experience of the management team and existence of reference partnerships
  • Strength of tangible and intangible assets
  • Initial public offering defined in the company's 2-year strategy



The corporate team of Invest Securities has more than ten years experience in selecting issuers for all types of transactions.

1) Screening

The contact with the issuer can be made by several means:

  • Contact at the initiative of the issuer
  • Prospecting by the corporate department
  • Contact via the PRE-IPO platform

2) Meeting

A first meeting with the company's management is initiated. At this meeting, two main themes are discussed:

  • Identify the need for the issuer
  • Evaluate operational processes

3) Prequalification Committee

Following this meeting, a first selection is made. A pre-selection committee composed exclusively of the directors of the Invest Securities Group meets informally to present the file to the selection committee.

4) Due diligence

If the company is selected, the corporate team make a full due diligence of the company. A thorough market study is carried out and a summary sheet is drafted.

5) Selection Committee

If the compagny is validated by the corporate team, the compagny is presented to the selection committee composed of managers of our group as well as independent experts.

6) Realization of documentation

Once the company has been validated by the selection committee, the issuer signs the investment agreement and the corporate team drafts the regulatory disclosure document and sets the terms of the offer. The fund raising can then be put online.



1) Pre-collection with PRE-IPO members and professionals (investment funds, family offices, private management, business angel, etc.)

Pre-collection is an essential step in raising funds to gauge the appetite of investors for a compagny. PRE-IPO members indicate online their investment intentions before subscribing. The intent collection period greatly increases the chances of successful fundraising.

Alongside the collection of intentions with individuals, "one to one" meetings are planned with professional investors. The latter have a significantly higher investment capacity and will enable you to secure the success of your fundraising. We only open the deal to individuals once we have collected at least half of the overall fundraising goal.

2) Collection

The subscription period lasts approximately 2 months. Subscribers sign their subscription form and pay the funds into the capital increase account dedicated to the transaction. Once the minimum amount is reached, (75% of the objective), the operation is validated. However, if the transaction is successful, the issuer may decide to validate the transaction on reaching 115% of the original target.

3) The closing

Once the fundraising is validated, the funds can be released.



PRE-IPO proposes to you several schemes of operation according to the estimated time before the IPO and the type of management of the shareholders that you want.

We generally propose a bond model if the IPO is in less than one year. This type of transaction will take the form of an issue of convertible or redeemable bonds with a discount on the introductory price.

If the IPO is expect to occur in one or and two years we will propose two formats for raising equity.

The direct Investment

  • You save the operating costs of a holding structure.
  •  You take a first step towards the public by accepting small holders of your capital directly. You also opt for clear governance with individuals in your capital rather than the corporate officer of a holding company.
  •  On the other hand, the administrative task of managing the register of shareholders is heavier for the issuing company.

The Indirect Investment

  • You federate all subscribers into a single Holding company. The latter is your sole shareholder.
  • You only manage one subscription
  • On the other hand, subscribers will have to bear the structural costs of the holding company.

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¹ "The wisdom of the crowds" is a phenomenon of an individual alone does not have a relevant judgment but a crowd of average individuals will make more effective decisions than a single expert.