An antiretroviral is a drug that works against retroviruses (such as HIV). 


Autophagy is a degradation of the cell.

Active ingredient 

An active ingredient is the agent responsible for the healing of a disease or the alleviation of pain. Example: The active substance of Doliprane is paracetamol.


Blood-brain barrier 

The blood-brain barrier is a physiological barrier separating the bloodstream and the nervous system.


Improvement of a first-in-class drug that, thanks to the research findings, better corresponds to the treatment of a pathology. 


A blockbuster is, in the lexical field of finance, a product (mostly medication) that gains almost immediate commercial success, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.



The first drug produced on the market that responds to a pathology.

Functional healing 

Functional healing is the term used in the fight against HIV to define a healing of the immune system, which allows the immune system to cope alone with HIV without taking any external medicines.



A generic drug is a drug with the same active ingredient as a princeps drug.



Hemodynamics (or blood dynamics) is science studying the physical properties of blood circulation. homeostasis Homeostasis is a natural process that maintains a factor around a beneficial value for the body. This process is regulated very precisely by the nervous system.


Immunotherapy is a treatment that exploits the immune defenses of the patient against his cancer (or other disease): the immune system attacks the cancer cells. This treatment is the biggest revolution in the fight against cancer in recent years.  


Neurofibrillary degeneration  

Neurofibrillary degeneration is a cause of Alzheimer's disease.

Neurodegenerative diseases 

Neurodegenerative diseases are diseases that cause damage to nerve cells, leading to various symptoms: memory loss (Alzheimer's disease), motor disorders (Parkinson's disease), psychiatric disorders, paralysis (Charcot's disease), etc.  


The newsflow refers to the flow of news and information that may affect the market price.


Overall survival (OS)

The overall survival is the rate of survivors of people with any disease. Example: According to the World Health Organization, the total number of patients suffering from Ebola is 50%. 


Oncology (or cancerology) is the science that studies cancers in order to detect, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure them. 



A pipeline is an investment company that collects investment funds from retail investors to invest in financial securities. 

Progression free survival (PFS)

PFS is a measure of the treatment of a disease established during the period between the first day of treatment and the date on which the disease progresses. 


A princeps drug is a drug whose patent is filed by a laboratory and which is the first on the market to respond to a pathology. 


Viral reservoir

A viral reservoir is an organism in which a pathogen (virus, bacterium ...) inhabits, develops and through which it travels. Remission A remission, in oncology, is the period during which the condition of the patient seems to improve. 



A synapse is a contact area that connects 2 neurons. 


Triple Therapy 

Triple therapy is the medical treatment with 3 active ingredients that act differently. 


A tumor is an increase in the volume of a tissue. We speak of malignant tumor in case of cancer.