About us


Invest Securities Trading Company operates the PRE-IPO platform.

Invest Securities is an investment services provider authorized and supervised by l’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR), registered in the register of financial agents (REGAFI) under number 13773.

We are an independent group whose 110 employees work in all the fields of investment advisory and private banking through three dedicated structures:

  • Invest Securities Corporate: An investment advisory firm for clients of listed companies, family businesses, financial institutions and investment funds in Europe and China.
  • Invest Securities - Trading company: Investment services provider approved by the ACPR and benefiting from the European passport. The company is the first introducer (in terms of transactions) on Euronext and Alternext.
  • Amplegest: Private asset management company, asset management and multi family office, approved by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).


PRE-IPO is a platform operated by Invest Securities that allows investors to select capital investment transactions, to invest in companies that are not yet listed but which are intended to enter the stock market in the short or medium term.

These operations generally benefit from partial tax exemptions. Until now, this type of transaction was reserved for the historical shareholders of the companies as well as the privileged clients of the investment banks. PRE-IPO wants to democratize these operations by allowing individuals to invest from € 2,500.

PRE-IPO selects operations carried out by companies that have passed the most risky stages of their development and that have already proved their concept technically or commercially.

The preferred liquidity solution for these investments is the IPO, but other solutions are not excluded, such as industrial exit, or the takeover of leverage buy-out, for example.

The securities offered for investment are of different kinds: stocks, bonds, or hybrid securities such as convertible bonds, warrant bonds, bonds redeemable for shares, etc.

The distribution of these securities by PRE-IPO may be carried out either by participative financing or by qualified investors or by private placement with a restricted circle of professional investors.

PRE-IPO aims to select the most dynamic companies in terms of innovation and growth and aims to create a repository of the most attractive European private equity firms.


PRE-PO is paid in two ways: by issuers and investors. The compensation model devised by PRE-IPO aims to align its interests with those of its clients, issuers and investors.

The former pay only on the basis of the success of the raising of funds; The latter only pay when they leave their investment. PRE-IPO therefore has an interest in being extremely attentive to the quality of the proposed operations.

For transmitters

PRE-IPO receives remuneration from issuers, in proportion to the amount of capital raised, as part of the fund raising process presented to the Investors. This variable remuneration from one project to another is between 5 and 8% of the collection and depends on the size and complexity of the proposed operations.

For Investors

Our model is Venture Capital. Indeed, we align our interests with those of subscribers. We take a performance commission at the exit or carried interest of 20% without hurdle rate. PRE-IPO does not charge any entry fee or management fee, only a divestment fee of 4%. In the event that Invest Securities completes the IPO of the issuer, the group will waive all fees for potential conflicts of interest.