The most relevant late stage venture capital opportunities

Invest before the IPO

PRE-IPO allows you to participate in growing SMEs' financing round,
few months before their IPO.

This financing round was until now reserved for institutional investors
(banks, insurance companies, investment funds or high net worth individuals).

IPO : Acronym for Initial Public Offering
Pre-IPO : The pre-IPO investment is the last private equity fund raising before the IPO.

Our companies presentations

Because the way to achieve a return on investment is anticipated before investing, companies presented on PRE-IPO all aim to be publicly introduced in the short or medium term.

  • Selectivity

    We select our operations among the best companies in the European private equity field. The companies retained are eligible for an IPO.

  • Exclusivity

    You invest exclusively with a discount, which is usually reserved for clients of large investment banks

  • Tax exemption

    Choose your invested amount and reduce either a part of the taxation of the investment, or the whole capital gain

  • Q.R.O.I.

    A return on investment in two years on average
    *Quick Return on Investment

Invest in pre-IPO in high-growth mature companies via stock market professionals.

  • Steps

    PRE-IPO supports you in this accelerated fund raising process, in 5 steps

  • Needs

    Opportunity of a last capital funding before the IPO in order to finance growth without waiting for the IPO

  • Amount

    Solution for SMEs to raise up to € 5 million before the IPO

  • Simplicity

    PRE-IPO relieves you of the management of new shareholders

PRE-IPOis a crowdfunding platform created by Invest Securities, the first operator in Europe on the IPO market. Invest Securities is an authorized investment firm controlled by CAPRA-Banque de France, registered in the financial agents register (REGAFI) under No. 13773.
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